We are using PAYPAL system for our INSTANT Pay Account registration. PayPal is offering service to users in 38 countries including the United States. company has over 20 million registered users, including more than 3 million business accounts. If you want to see if service is avaliable for your country read this article.

PayPal lets you send money in any of the currencies they offer (U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen). On the Payment Details page, you will find the current exchange rate and the equivalent amount in your Primary Currency (which is U.S. Dollars). When you pay, PayPal will handle the conversion for you.

Account Type Amount Info  
1 day 20 EURO 1 day unlimited acces to the database
1 week 80 EURO 1 week unlimited access to the database
1 month 250 EURO 1 month unlimited access to the database
1 year 1000 EURO 1 year unlimited access to the database