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SITE : delabole

CLASSIFICATION:	flat(flat landscape), pastoral(open fields and meadows)
ALTITUDE 	  	:	240 [m]
POSITION  	:	50�37'49.77'' N 4�42'30.51'' W (site reference)

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  • Location of Delabole Wind Farm - 1
  • Location of Delabole Wind Farm - 2
  • Layout of Delabole Wind Farm
  • Instruments at Delabole Wind Farm
  • Schematics layout of Delabole Wind Farm

  • Wind farm picture - 1
  • Wind farm picture - 2
  • VECTOR Instruments A100 Cup anemometer

  • Wind speed at mast #1, h=44 m, during monitoring period
  • Windfarm park power during monitoring period
  • Windfarm power curve, all wind speeds, mast #1, h=44 m

  • Data acquisition system schematic

  • Description of Delabole Wind Farm Construction
  • VECTOR Instruments A100 Cup anemometer - specifications
  • VECTOR Instruments W200 wind vane specifications

    1 44 [m] (0,0,0)
    2 33 [m] (473,907,0)

    1 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (290,868,0)
    2 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (45,774,0)
    3 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (510,711,0)
    4 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (290,613,0)
    5 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (419,432,0)
    6 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (187,400,0)
    7 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (-19,226,0)
    8 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (335,161,0)
    9 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (81,0,0)
    10 VESTAS WD34 400 [kW] (323,-77,0)

    PROJECT DESC. : In August 1991 North Cornwall District Council granted planning permission for the UK's first wind farm at Deli Farm near Delabole in North Cornwall. The wind farm was commissioned in December 1991 and was the subject of much local and national interest. ETSU, acting for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), commissioned a series of studies into the impact, performance and public acceptability of the farm. The Delabole Wind Farm is situated about 2 km to the North West of Camelford in North Cornwall and is operated by Wind Electric Ltd. The site is very open with an approximate elevation of 240 m above sea level, gently sloping away towards the South?West. It is bounded to the North?East )by a minor road (B3314) and the South and East by the course of an abandoned railway. Other than the Cornish hedges (5 ? 6 ft) around fields, the ground cover is low (1 ? 2 ft) agricultural crops, mostly grass with some fields put to linseed. At certain periods of the year this area is ploughed or contains stubble. There are ten wind turbines installed at the Delabole Wind Farm. They are all Windane 34's manufactured by Vestas / Danish Wind Technology A/S, rated at 400 kW and were commissioned in December 1991. References: Sumner,J.; Masson,C. "Influence of Atmospheric Stability on Wind Turbine Power Performance Curves" Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, November 2006, Vol. 128, p. 531-538

    MEASUREMENT SYSTEM : Two meteorological masts were erected on the farm. Mast 1, located ENE from Turbine 9, was the most comprehensively equipped, with Vector Instruments A100 cup anemometers at 10 m, 20 m, 33 m and 44 m heights, a W250P wind vane also from Vector Instruments at a height of 44 m, a Unidata 6522A barometric pressure gauge, a Campbell Scientific ARG100 tipping bucket rain gauge and two Skye Instruments temperature probes mounted at 5 m and 44 m. Mast 2 was equipped with two anemometers one at 10 m, the other at 33 m. This mast was also fitted with a wind vane at a height of 33 m. The data acquisition system hardware consisted of a Dell 486 PC with 130 Mb hard disc, tape streamer and colour VGA screen running the OS/2 operating system. This PC was situated in the wind farm site office with a second similar PC connected via a network and situated in the Deli Farm office. The turbines were connected to the data acquisition computer via a Quest data concentrator supplied by Vestas. Additional sensors connected to remote data loggers passed data via radio transmitters. A receiver was installed at the wind farm office and connected to the data acquisition computer. The data from the two meteorological masts, the sub?station electrical data and two sites of noise monitoring equipment (required by a concurrent ETSU monitoring contract ? W/32/00289/00/00) were acquired by these systems. A system diagram of the data acquisition system is shown in Figure 2.3. The software for the data acquisition system was purpose written. As well as acquiring basic data, it computed derived performance parameters and allowed all these data to be downloaded on a daily basis via a modem.
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