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About the database

This database contains four different categories of wind data: time series of wind characteristics, time series of wind turbine responses, wind resource data and windfarm measurements. The time series are primarily intended for wind [turbine] design purposes and the resource data can be used for siting analysis. In the database you will find wind speed measurements, measured under different conditions and terrain types at 57 different locations inside Europe, Japan and United States.

Access to the database is free of charge for danish users, while all others has to pay a small fee according to the access rules listed on the SIGN UP page.

The database is compiled and maintained in Denmark by Kurt S. Hansen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the operation and maintenance are funded by DTU Wind Energy. More than 195.000 hours of wind speed measurements from are available in the database, representing 62 sites right now and more than 1.00.000 hours of wind resource measurements representing more than 40 different sites around the globe. Further information are given in our folder and in the final project reports.

Right now there are more than 170 registered users, which represents the wind turbine manufacturers (e.g. Vestas, NEG-Micon, Bonus, ABB, Nordex, GEwind), developers and consultants (e.g. Tech-wise, EMD), universities (e.g. NTNU, AAU, Delft) and research institutions (e.g. Ris°, ECN, FFA/FOI, SINTEF, DMI) . The registered users may ask for instructions on how to find information, extract statistics and solve specific problems directly at The database contains information (e.g. temperatur, stability), which is not directly accessible through the predefined query forms, furthermore queries on extreme analysis has not been included yet but these will be available in the near future.

If you have a problem please ask for an advice on how to extract suitable data at

Users have to pay and it is possible to registration online. All users has to be registered and further details concerning registration are given on the registration information page.

Visitors or guests users are invited to browse through the wind statistics and view time series (requires a trial account). Registrated users will obtain acces to the advanced search facilities, download of wind statistics, resource data and time series.

Students from non-participating countries can require time series (limited number) on request for free.

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