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What is Wind Energy document Database?
Please, look at About us page

How do I make a query?
Search engine uses a simple method to make queries. Here are some examples;

   Denmark DTU

This query returns with the documents contain words "Denmark" OR "DTU".

   +Denmark +DTU -annual

This query returns with the documents contain words "Denmark" AND "DTU" at the same time but which does NOT include word "annual".

Is there another way to reach the database?
No, but you can use different frontends to access faster. Currently there are 2 different front ends for IE 5.5+

WindEnergy DocDB : Right click on this link and add to to your favorites.
Search Bar : Copy this link to your web site and get fast access to database.

I need help
You are always welcome
   for content questions admin@winddata.com and
   for technical questions s021183@student.dtu.dk

   Technical University of Denmark
   Mechanical Engineering
   Fluid Mechanics Department
   B-403 DK-2800
   Lyngby DENMARK
Tel & Fax
   Tel. +45 4525 4318
   Fax +45 4593 0663

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